Managed mining plans

Even if you do not have your own miner and even if you do not have enough funds and technological knowledge basis to start your own bitcoin mining we are offering a great way to start mining and still benefit from investment in crypto currency with a three 3 simple steps based on your investment abilities. Plans are offered from test to more investor levels. All plans are from 1 up to 3 years duration with daily cashouts.

  • Test miner

    Plan Duration 3 years
    Investments $10-$499
    Cashout Daily
    yearly return 56.4%
    monthly return 4.7%
    daily return 0.16%
  • Pro miner

    Plan Duration 3 year
    Investments $500-$999
    Cashout Daily
    yearly return 64.8%
    monthly return 5.4%
    daily return 0.18%
  • Premium miner

    Plan Duration 3 year
    Investments over $1000
    Cashout Daily
    yearly return 75.6%
    monthly return 6.3%
    daily return 0.21%

Three Easy Steps to Start Mining Bitcoins:

  • Choose your plan

  • Start mining

  • Recieve bitcoin

BTCERY was created to allow professionals and newcomers alike access to the same quality resources as the industrial miners to allow effective mining.
BTCERY is the easiest and most profitable way for users to mine.

As a BTCERY client, you enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Access to world-class data centers, a network boasting more than 250 Ph/s stable hashpower and compensations for any unanticipated downtime

  • Immediately access to your mined bitcoins (within 24 hours)

  • Automatic deposit of mined bitcoins to wallet